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Milk in a Bag

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Have you noticed that you can buy milk in a bag in some supermarkets now?

The milk bags are designed for use with a special milk jug and the idea is that it will reduce packaging – a saving of 75% compared to the plastic bottle. High oil prices mean that reducing the amount of plastic packaging is a very attractive prospect at the moment. And we are not just talking about reducing the amount of oil used for transporting the packaged goods to our supermarkets by reducing the weight of the packaging. ┬áIt is all too easy to forget that the plastic bottles themselves are made from oil.

My Milkman

The new milk bags are recyclable – you can take them back to the supermarket for recycling.

I still like to get my milk delivered in reusable bottles from the milkman but, for those that don’t have a doggy-choc carrying milkman, the bag and jug system seems like a good idea.


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