Christmas Shopping

Do you find that you are buying loads of little presents for friends?  Can you remember what you bought last year?  What do you get for them without it costing a fortune?

There are loads of cheap stocking filler Christmas presents in the shops to tempt us away from our hard-earned cash, but some of it is just rubbish and a few days after Christmas that’s where it will probably end up.

A few ways we can avoid the mountain of Christmas junk:

  • Avoid stuff that will probably just break.
  • Steer clear of stuff that has more packaging than product.
  • Try doing a secret santa so that you can spend a little bit more on just one person but a lot less overall.  That way you can probably find something a bit more useful.

Here are a few ideas for a more eco-friendly secret santa:

  • A wind-up torch – £4.99 from Amazon
  • An elephant poo jotter – £3.99 from Oxfam
  • A voucher for downloading music
  • Lip balm or hand cream – look out for products in recycled/recyclable plastic bottles or pots like the ones at the Body Shop
  • Chocolates, look out for recyclable packaging such as paper and foil and check out the fairtrade products

Are you dreaming of a green Christmas?

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