Are you ready to pledge?

How hard would it really be to make that decision to never, ever throw a plastic bottle in a rubbish bin (or a hedge or ditch or wherever else lazyitis causes people to chuck stuff)?

With more and more recycling points out and about this is getting to be more realistic all the time. When I was asking one of those nice people at the district council recently about whether we could have a recycling bin at out local park, he mentioned that one of the difficulties with provided recycling points instead of bins is that people often don’t use them properly. Can you believe, people put the stuff in the wrong hole?
I don’t know why people say this, but I’ve heard it said of things, that it is so easy a monkey could use it. I asked a monkey friend of mine and she said she thought it was pimps.

So what if you can’t see a plastic recycling point when you are out and about? I asked the monkey what she thought and she said ‘take it home, that’s pimps too”.

What do you think?

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