Gizmo the Geek is a dog. He has a pointy nose and wears a waistcoat made from discarded mobile phone socks. Yolanda is a cat. She spends a lot of time licking her paws. Bertram is a teddy bear.

Gizmo creates things with rubbish. It’s amazing what he can do with someone else’s junk. But he can be very messy. He goes through rubbish bins – in people’s homes, in the street, wherever he ‘sniffs’ something inspiring.

Fortunately, Yolanda and Bertram clean up after him. They tut and moan but from the process of Gizmo’s scavenging, they end up with piles of stuff which they take to the recycling bank.

Yolanda likes this. She gets fed yummy things by the wrinkly old man who runs the place, things perhaps only yummy to Yolanda – generally small rodents – a bit squashed in the middle, with a slightly metallic taste. But Yolanda, though she complains, eats them anyway. She eats anything and everything.

Bertram eats nothing at all. The best things about teddy bears is you don’t have to feed them yet they still love you, unlike cats.

Gizmo is into Blogging. Yolanda is on MySpace and Facebook. Bertram still uses Friends Reunited – he is ancient, after all. They all use Twitter. – We must stop Yolanda from tweeting: ‘Licking my paws’ ten times a day.


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    Did you know..?

    According to Recycle now , 73% of packaging in England could be recycled but we're only recycling 33%. How RUBBISH is that?